As Mountain Athletes, we run, ride, paddle, trek, and climb in some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet. Mountain adventure gives us the rush we all seek, while also bringing us a  sense of wellness. 

Mountain Wellness™ was founded by Health and Performance Coach and Mountain Athlete Corey Reed in 2019 with a commitment to unite and empower Mountain Athletes.  

Corey has always found a way to push the limits and live a full value lifestyle, despite the challenges he has faced.

 In 2005, Corey was involved in a traumatic accident, which left him completely blind and a below-the-knee amputee. 

As a forward thinker and optimist, he used the tragic event in his life as an opportunity for personal growth and did not allow it to be an excuse to sit around and feel sorry for himself. 

As a high performer and former competitive Adaptive Athlete at the highest level, he understands the discipline and commitment it takes to perform your best. He believes that nutritional bio chemistry and supplementation, exercise physiology, sleep architecture, emotional health, and biohacking are essential for a healthy, strong, and resilient Mountain Athlete. The Mountain Wellness Recovery Den is located in Helena, Montana and is committed to serving the Mountain Athlete for outdoor adventure. 

We provide personal health and performance coaching, Massage Therapy and body work, and advance recovery tools to upgrade your overall health and wellness.

Male Massage Therapist Massaging a Professional Athlete


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